Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for Wherever You Are, Take Who You Are With You

I thought it would be easier to manage my natural locks while on vacation, by doing a protective style to keep it covered. I thought it would be much simpler to not have to touch my hair with kinky twists in my hair. So, a few days before I left to go on a lengthy travel scape, I went to the salon and had the stylist add some twists. 

It actually was not easier though I found ways to keep it looking fresh. The braids were heavy and tight. They need to be moisturized a lot in order for them not to just fall out of your hair and pull healthy hair out with it. I had to find creative ways to sleep with them without them hurting or irritating my scalp.  

I wanted to wear upsweeps with the long dresses and it did work in many fashions but, I must say, I missed my fro. 

I guess it is true when they say that you take who you are and your individuality and originality with you, "Wherever You Are."

Check out the tune "Wherever You Are" written and produced by Stephanie Jeannot off the Finally JNote album on CDBaby. 


  1. That's such a cute hairdo, but I can understand how hard it must've been to keep your locks looking fresh and healthy. I love the final look though! :) Oh, and the song is so beautiful, such a gorgeous voice and melody! <3

  2. I like this post. It seems to refresh myself. I'm a type of girl who is really shy and has lack of confidence. And your voice is amazing and inspiring. Really want to see your youtube channel. Thank you so much for sharing this meaningful post <3

  3. Wow what an amazing voice! Beautiful hair! It look like you had a very fun time traveling!