Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for Frolicious

Sometimes I just want to let my curls run wild and free

because that is the way they out to be.

Right after my condition wash

and blotted dry;

sometimes it’s best to condition

and then let my Haitian curls fly.

Nothing wrong with being Latino me

and framing my face with my curls.

Nothing wrong

with loving

and being free to be naturally me

considering I am a royal girl. 

 I was born this way

and though it may

have taken a while

to understand

this daughter of a king's profile,

no perm was needed

to be beautifully


For what’s the use of trying to be

somebody else?

I was wonderfully made

individually and yet culturally chained

to my nappy roots, to my caramel skin

to the Afrocentric

elements that I was Americanly, born with. 

I am a naturalista 

and love it.

Black and beautifully blessed. 


And still learning who I am, along this life quest. 

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  1. My girls have very wavy hair and I wish they would wear it that way more. I have straight hair, so I think curly hair is so nice.

  2. Brilliant. I love Garnier Fructis products they always get the job done. Plus they smell so good.

  3. We use and love Garnier Fructis in our household. My kids even love it.

  4. Your hair looks beautiful! I love the natural look!

  5. I have stick straight hair and always wanted curls. Yours are beautiful. I was so happy when my daughter got her father's lovely waves.

  6. Garnier has great products! I love their curl products. They hold my hair the best.

  7. I love all of your curls, and your feelings on them are awesome! I have wavy/frizzy/curly hair depending on the humidity and wished for straight hair for years. Now I try to embrace my hair the way it is, and I do enjoy the thickness of it! Garnier products are great for curly hair too!

  8. I love your poem :) My step-daughter has extremely curly hair. I think curls are beautiful. Embrace them.

  9. I have Garnier conditioner right now. It's great for when I have my hair color treated.

  10. I love Garnier products, but haven't tried this one. My son has super curly hair. I'd love to give it a try. We just started doing the shower comb!

  11. You look fantastic, and I love those lyrics! Garnier makes such great products.

  12. You have absolutely gorgeous hair, Stephanie. And I love the way you wrote this post. I read it in a very singy-songy sort of way, that really brightened up my day :)

    Louise x

  13. I love your hair! I have used Garnier forever and I love it.