Monday, February 13, 2017

My Hair Product Crush

On a regular day, my shower includes condition washing my hair.  

I have been caught up in the grip of the addiction of adding water and conditioner to my locks every day since I did the big chop almost three years ago, and never looked back.

The overall concept is to be able to manage my hair. I experience moments of intense pleasure when my hair is soft and my curls look nice and beautiful. In a myriad of ways, this is one of the many things that make me who I am. When I venture forth to the supermarket or local pharmacy, I usually leave with a new bottle of conditioner because I can go through about two bottles a week.

But what makes a difference in manageability and look is the after process. It is what I decide to put into my hair to keep it moisturized. I can admit that word of mouth, Pinterest and YouTube discussions on natural hair products are all worth the consideration. I am like a turn taker, trying everything and anything until I find the one that I crush over.

I am a bit biased on why Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie became my product of choice. The very first time I started to use it, I noticed my curls came out looking so pretty. I went out that same day to hang out with my favorite guy and he kept complimenting me on how good my hair smelled. And this was on every occasion that I put it on and we were together. The scent elevated his attention and it was more than a narrow attention but a general interest. I guess you can say that is from an effectiveness standpoint to wear something that someone you want around will enjoy being around because he liked it.

But much more than that. It enhances my curls. It has silk protein and neem oil in it which makes my hair just a little bit stronger than it was before using the product. It hydrates and protects it from breakage. My hair feels silky smooth all the time and that is something I appreciate about it.

It keeps my hair healthy. It is sulfate free. It is paraben free. And I like that I feel confident about a product I am using, though if used wrong and you just apply it without massaging it into your hair, it will leave white gunks of residue all over your hair. But, I love it and I think that it was made just for me and as destiny would have it, Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie became my product of choice. Other things I use in my hair every now and then that I really like are Pure Shea butter, Coconut oil and Castor oil.

But this is my story and my song. What is yours? Share your hair product crush with me. 


  1. Cator oils is amazing for hair, i love to use it from time. XOXO

    1. I love castor oil too. So nice and thick. Great protective covering.