Friday, April 22, 2016

L is for Love Your Natural Curls like Ellen Osei Does

Naturalistas! Love your Hair. It's ours. It's beautiful! It's a natural thing!

For instance, this natural sistah, Ellen Osei from Montclaire, NJ got into the swing of things when she realized that perming no longer suited who she was as an individual.  

She decided to go back to natural in 2009 because she wanted to be comfortable with her hair after finding out the horrible effects of perming and has been happy with it ever since. 

How does she maintain her hair?

Osei uses water and sunflower oil to moisturize her hair which is perfect for her thick, natural curls. Her go to style is the kinky curly knot. She co-washes once a week and shampoos as needed. 

Like fine wine, she gets better with her hair everyday, keeping it beautiful while working as an occupational therapist. This 29 year old lady, is also the co-founder of Raising Hope and the founder of Class (Circle of Ladies Above Societal Standards) Management which is a mentoring and management network for women and aspiring leaders. 

Natural hair for a naturally strong woman! Gotta love it!