Saturday, July 2, 2016

Threes an Awkward Stage and a Protective Style

I never considered wearing a wig until I found out that it could serve as a protective style.

I am into my third year of going back to natural. I did the big chop in June of 2013 and three years later, I have come into this awkward hair state where I am finding it really difficult to maintain it. Not sure why, except I know that the every day co-washes that I used to do is not working for me anymore. My bantu knot twist outs are not even falling like they used to. I am having 99 hair problems but the texture ain't one of them because I still love being natural.

I considered braiding but I have extremely thin sides and I tried doing just one single braid in my hair when I was in the midst of my second year and it hurt my scalp more than hair pins digging into it. So not sure the braiding thing would do me so well.

And so, I have been trying on a few lovely hats lately as my new protective style over my corn twists.

Okay you got me. By hats, I mean wigs!
What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Leave a comment. Naturalistas; HELP!!!

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