Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Rock Rough and Tough With My Afro Puffs

I remember when the artist Rage was "rockin' rough and tough with Afro puffs" that I used to love back in the days and now I rock my own. 

Who knew just putting your hair in two was stretching your hair? Who knew Afro puffing could keep my hair free of those knot balls? I never expected to have my hair soft just by adding water and oil to my edges and ends. 

And I could sleep with my hair just like this without having to take my hair out and redo it. And believe it or not, adding a leave in and some Shea butter while wet was all it took. Retouching simply with water and oil at the edges and on my ends. I am loving this! My hair finally has the moisture it has been craving since I did the big chop almost three years ago. 

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