Saturday, March 26, 2016


New York City 16 year old, Diana Crooke rocks the most amazing fro.


Her natural hair is big, healthy and shiny. Asked this young lady how she got her hair to that state and she said, "I never had a perm but had heat damage from blow drying, curling and straightening all the time. My ends were fried and so, I chopped off my hair and started new. I have not used any heat or straightening products in my hair for over a year."

Crooke cowashes once a week and shampoos once a month. To moisturize, she uses Shea butter and coconut oil. 

I have to say I am very inspired by this promising naturalista who not only maintains and keeps her natural hair growing long and strong but on the side is part of a YWCA program trying to eliminate racism. 

Thank you Miss Crooke. I am now a fan! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Rock Rough and Tough With My Afro Puffs

I remember when the artist Rage was "rockin' rough and tough with Afro puffs" that I used to love back in the days and now I rock my own. 

Who knew just putting your hair in two was stretching your hair? Who knew Afro puffing could keep my hair free of those knot balls? I never expected to have my hair soft just by adding water and oil to my edges and ends. 

And I could sleep with my hair just like this without having to take my hair out and redo it. And believe it or not, adding a leave in and some Shea butter while wet was all it took. Retouching simply with water and oil at the edges and on my ends. I am loving this! My hair finally has the moisture it has been craving since I did the big chop almost three years ago.