Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dying for a New Shade of Natural

My hair has been hungry for some color. Perhaps it is due to its growing rusty with age; black works but with all the new greys that have grown over my head and with such gargantuan speed, I have lately been compelled to respond and add a touch of bedazzlement to my dulling locks.  

I am a very creative spirit and so, every speck of me has to have some sort of excitement for my own personal enjoyment. Though I am as happy as I have ever been to know that the Bible says that grey hair is a sign of righteousness and to know that it means that I have good in me, in a host of ways, I get bored of anything if it is mundane and never changing. Call it the Sagittarius in me, but it is true.

And so, I decided that it was time to enhance my look, and I did. 

In the process of looking for a new color, I found a cool app that was easy to download to my phone, called My Shade by Clairol which allows you to see all their neat colors they carry, upload a headshot of yourself and apply the shades you are interested in to the photo to see what the color might look like on your hair if you were to choose that as the shade for real.

They had all kinds of reds, oranges, blondes, browns, you name it. I thought it was pretty cool to be able to generate a new photo with the color swatch and ask your friends for their thoughts on it. The app also gave you the option of having a virtual consultation with a professional who could give you their opinion on colors that might look fantastic on you.

I knew I wanted to go with a reddish color; perhaps, more on the orangish or copper side. 

Because I am a naturalista, I settled for Natural Instincts by Clairol and went with 7GR Light Golden Red. Something about the word natural that got me. 

I like Clairol Natural Instinct because it is ammonia-free. It says that the color lasts up to 28 shampoos which is not bad considering, you can always try another color in a matter of time. If you are like me, free-spirited and always looking for the next new and exciting thing, that is something great to know about something you are doing to enhance your look. .
The creamy substance that you apply to your hair has Vitamin E, Aloe and Coconut oil in it which is very healthy for natural hair and also comes with shampoo and a 6-week supply of additional hair conditioning treatment.

The best thing about this hair dye system in my opinion is that my hair retained its healthy nature. It didn’t get dry because I was using color. Actually, it seems more lively, bouncy and softer than it did prior to the application. And I love the color on me.

If you are like me however and have thick curls and a lot of hair, you will need more than one box. At least that is what the hair stylist told me though she did what she could with the one box which to me, the result was just fine considering my hair was pitch black with some silver streaks. I wanted a reddish copper and I got just that. 

When it comes to my hair, I do washes and conditions on my own. Everything else, I leave it to the professionals who were more than happy to use my Clairol product that I conveniently found at my local supermarket for under $8 which was not bad for something that will last a little while in my hair.  

The process took about an hour and then I was off to being little old me all over again, but with my image looking a whole lot more fabulous than it did before I got there. 

Here are some pictures of the process. 

And the result . . .

Do you think it looks light golden red or copper? What do you think of the color? 

Disclaimer: I am a bzzagent and received this product free of charge to try and to write a review based on purchase and usage. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Just me and my Fro

"I harnessed a great confidence that radiates"
- (Maurice White).

Photo by Linda A Strobert

It's growing. It looks healthy. Finally to the softness of my liking. It fits my face. I am maintaining it after almost three years. It's my hair. It is me. I am a naturalista and I'm loving this healthy, natural hair thing that I have gotten myself into. 

Thank God for the no chemical thing. I don't miss the heat in my hair. The last time I used any heat was October 2015. No blow outs. No curling. No straightening. Just me and my fro. 

Who would have thought I would have gotten to this point? 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Threes an Awkward Stage and a Protective Style

I never considered wearing a wig until I found out that it could serve as a protective style.

I am into my third year of going back to natural. I did the big chop in June of 2013 and three years later, I have come into this awkward hair state where I am finding it really difficult to maintain it. Not sure why, except I know that the every day co-washes that I used to do is not working for me anymore. My bantu knot twist outs are not even falling like they used to. I am having 99 hair problems but the texture ain't one of them because I still love being natural.

I considered braiding but I have extremely thin sides and I tried doing just one single braid in my hair when I was in the midst of my second year and it hurt my scalp more than hair pins digging into it. So not sure the braiding thing would do me so well.

And so, I have been trying on a few lovely hats lately as my new protective style over my corn twists.

Okay you got me. By hats, I mean wigs!
What do you think? Any other suggestions?
Leave a comment. Naturalistas; HELP!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

All I see is Curls, Curls, Curlsfest

Nothing like a party to celebrate the beautiful naturalists in the world. Nothing like a team no lye fiesta situated in the naturally beautiful expanse of Prospect Park in Brooklyn, NY.

All I saw was kinky curls. All I saw was healthy natural hair. And all day it was a day of giveaways, dancing in the summer heat, hair samples and showcasing of products made for and by afrolicious people.

What am I clamoring about?
 The 2016, annual Curlfest. It happened on June 26th, 2016 in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and guests were welcomed by a wealth of companies who have product lines that target people who are happy to be nappy; such as Curlfriends, Dove, Shea moisture, Ouidad, and dark & lovely, just to name a few.

If you were not on a line getting one of the large free bags of hair products, soaps and lotions, you might have been participating in natural hair styling demonstrations, doing some of the line dances, coloring the free coloring pages with your kids or watching the tom-tom crew dancing and drumming in the summer heat.

It was a free event which was open to the general public and was such a nice thing to see naturalistas exposing their true natural beauty without borders.

Disclaimer: I will not be compensated for naming any of the companies involved in this event. I am not a promoted nor will I gain anything for posting in regards to this annual event. I am a naturalist who likes to share information to the natural hair community that may be vital to their natural hair journeys. 

Friday, May 6, 2016

Three Years since the Big Chop

Photo by Linda A Strobert

I can't believe it is coming up on three 

years since I did the

big chop and went back to natural.

Three years later, I think I 

want to go back to that day. 

Was so much easier and my hair was 

at its healthiest ever; 

not that it is not healthy now, three years later, but . . . 

Photo by Raymond C Lynch

now it is like, what do I 

do with it, trying to figure it out but . . . 

still prefer natural 

hair over getting the chemical burns 

on my scalp every other month. 

But this is my natural hair journey! 

Care to share with me yours? 

I want to know your tips, 

the products you use and your experiences. 

Comment on this blogpost 

or email

Friday, April 22, 2016

L is for Love Your Natural Curls like Ellen Osei Does

Naturalistas! Love your Hair. It's ours. It's beautiful! It's a natural thing!

For instance, this natural sistah, Ellen Osei from Montclaire, NJ got into the swing of things when she realized that perming no longer suited who she was as an individual.  

She decided to go back to natural in 2009 because she wanted to be comfortable with her hair after finding out the horrible effects of perming and has been happy with it ever since. 

How does she maintain her hair?

Osei uses water and sunflower oil to moisturize her hair which is perfect for her thick, natural curls. Her go to style is the kinky curly knot. She co-washes once a week and shampoos as needed. 

Like fine wine, she gets better with her hair everyday, keeping it beautiful while working as an occupational therapist. This 29 year old lady, is also the co-founder of Raising Hope and the founder of Class (Circle of Ladies Above Societal Standards) Management which is a mentoring and management network for women and aspiring leaders. 

Natural hair for a naturally strong woman! Gotta love it! 

Saturday, March 26, 2016


New York City 16 year old, Diana Crooke rocks the most amazing fro.


Her natural hair is big, healthy and shiny. Asked this young lady how she got her hair to that state and she said, "I never had a perm but had heat damage from blow drying, curling and straightening all the time. My ends were fried and so, I chopped off my hair and started new. I have not used any heat or straightening products in my hair for over a year."

Crooke cowashes once a week and shampoos once a month. To moisturize, she uses Shea butter and coconut oil. 

I have to say I am very inspired by this promising naturalista who not only maintains and keeps her natural hair growing long and strong but on the side is part of a YWCA program trying to eliminate racism. 

Thank you Miss Crooke. I am now a fan! 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

I Rock Rough and Tough With My Afro Puffs

I remember when the artist Rage was "rockin' rough and tough with Afro puffs" that I used to love back in the days and now I rock my own. 

Who knew just putting your hair in two was stretching your hair? Who knew Afro puffing could keep my hair free of those knot balls? I never expected to have my hair soft just by adding water and oil to my edges and ends. 

And I could sleep with my hair just like this without having to take my hair out and redo it. And believe it or not, adding a leave in and some Shea butter while wet was all it took. Retouching simply with water and oil at the edges and on my ends. I am loving this! My hair finally has the moisture it has been craving since I did the big chop almost three years ago.