Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Fashion Designer Keishel Williams Keeps Her Natural Hair Healthy & Flowing Long

       So how does fashion designer and founder of Jlehsiek fashion designs, Keishel Williams, keep her tresses growing healthily?


She keeps her hair braided all the time except sometimes in the summertime when she sports an afro. She doesn't pay attention to her hair and keeps her hands out of it to let her hair do what it needs to do. 

Williams uses products from Jamaican Mango & lime, washing and conditioning her hair every two weeks. 

She is currently working on new designs for the upcoming February 2016 New York Fashion Week, so stay tuned for more from Jleshiek. 

Protective Styles

In an attempt to follow her practice of keeping hair in protective styles and keeping hands out of the hair, I decided to try one. And here is what I came up with: 

Three rows of falling twists in the back, four corn twists in the middle that interlock with each other and one in the front that connects to the middle twists moistened by natural shea butter and a combination of oils including coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and lemongrass oil, 
I'll be trying these more often, seeing how well it helps keep Ms. Williams' hair growing long and beautifully. Hopefully I will see great results as well! 

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