Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Messy Hair/ Don't Want to Bother Days: The Scarf Look

I was never a scarf person because I never really knew how to tie them but sometimes the day calls for it. Like today!

I was not interested in fancying up my hair and so for half the day, my two messy corn twists were tucked away under a hat and then I changed gear and decided, it's time for a scarf. 

I see so many woman wear scarves and tie them up beautifully. Me; I'm lucky if I could get this piece of cotton cloth to lie flat on my head. I tried at first and my corn twists were buldging out and decided to tie it in the front instead. Cute new look for me for those messy hair/ don't want to bother days! 

I don't know why so many people this evening said I had the Billie Holiday look. I know she wore gardenias in her hair but never knew about the scarves. Never thought it to be a jazzy look, but perfect for the singing mood I was in. 

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