Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bantu Knots & twists.

From Daily to biweekly or even weekly washes with protective styles on many of the weeks now. It's interesting how you can learn your own hair and grow with it.

I realize the change because I finally realized I don't have to do daily washes so I could let the conditioner settle in because I did cowashes everyday for about almost two years since I cut it in June of 2013. And it was so soft today for the first time. The moisture has finally gotten to it. Thank you for the lesser dryness, especially for my performance with my friend JS Williams, the trumpeter featured in the photo above with me, Stephanie Jeannot and Ed Manner's band the AtM Band, today at Six Flags Great Adventure for COBANY Family Day. 

We rocked the stage until it was time to share the stage with such a wonderful group of Sharers of the Gosoel, by whom, we were being blessed by; Hezekiah Walker and his Choir.  

Now I'm okay with wearing Bantu knots. Who would have thought I wouldn't be so opposed to wearing them as fashion. They are cute. The resulting factor, even better.  All of a sudden, protective styles have become a part of who I am, naturally because of how it changes my hair's health! 

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