Friday, December 11, 2015

How R&B Singer Diamalai Keeps Her Afrolicious Hair Growing Fast & Healthy

“I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”
-Tracee Ellis Ross

My story

So many women have gone through the process of having their moms comb and treat their hair when young, perming at a young age and then deciding to no longer perm and start over to go back to natural.

Perming hair seems like such a simple solution with hair coming out straight and beautiful, being very manageable and sometimes easy to maintain. If you were like me, you probably found yourself at the salon every week or every other week, getting your hair done and then every month or so, going back to get a touch up.

But then came the days when you could not make it to the salon, trying your best to take care of your hair yourself and the touching up grew farther and farther apart and your hair may have been subject to breakage due to not taking care of your hair the way that you should or breaking due to over-processing, heat damage, etc.

After about 20 years of perming, I decided to go back to natural, stopped perming and then about six months after, cut all my hair off and started from scratch and over two years later, learning my hair and loving the journey.

Her Story

19 year old, R&B singer Diamalai from Queens, NY has been natural for about a year and four months since doing the big chop. This is her second attempt at going back to natural and trying to maintain healthy, natural hair and her hair has been growing very rapidly and healthily ever since.

Asked how she keeps her hair growing fast and healthy and she said “the co-wash is my best friend! Hair needs to be fed and given proper nutrition in order to grow. I sleep with pigtails to protect my ends and always keep my satin cap on.”  

She washes and goes quite often and said that “the wash and go isn't necessarily a bad thing for the natural hair but it is important to keep hair moisturized.

To stretch her either, she either blow dries (with heat protecting products) or does twist outs while hair is wet, lets it dry for the morning and then untwists, sets and then goes!

Learning your own hair is a process and a journey but if you are a natural hair lover like Diamalai, you learn to love and do what it takes to keep it healthy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Natural Faux Hawk Look

If you want to do a faux hawk with your natural hair, it's easy and quick to do.

Use hair pins to hold up the sides of your hair and voila, faux hawk. 

If the pins do not work, many hair stores have big push combs, sold in a pair that look like this: 

These combs might hold up your hair even better. I use long pins to keep the combs in place and voila. 

Faux Hawk! 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Short & Natural Look of June Townes

“Relaxing your hair is like being in prison. 
You’re caged in. Your hair rules you. 
You didn’t go running with Curt today because you don’t want 
to sweat out this straightness. You’re always battling to make your hair 
do what it wasn’t meant to do.” 
– Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Americanah

What is so good about being a naturalista? 
Loving your own hair and feeling confident about who you are.  

You can definitely see the confidence represented in the beautiful voice and effortless singing of diva, June Townes. When you hear her, she sounds as expressive as soprano, Leontyne Price, so full of breath control and grace.When you see her, you see a beautiful, natural sister, glowing with talent. 

Townes has been natural for the past 20 years and did what so many naturalistas have done to go back to natural; she started fresh; cutting off all her hair or rather, shaving her hair into a caesar cut and since when, keeps it short all the time.  

"I haven't tried growing it back since and I keep it short because I really love it short."

To maintain, she simply does a wash and go and wraps with a scarf while wet to soothe her hair down. 

For brilliance, she experiments with color, adding a splash of excitement to her naturally exciting hair. You can check out her music by going to CDBaby and searching for keyword: June Townes. 

Also, please listen to this month to hear song selections in rotation as part of the Jazz on the Jnote: Holiday Season Special. 

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How Fashion Designer Keishel Williams Keeps Her Natural Hair Healthy & Flowing Long

       So how does fashion designer and founder of Jlehsiek fashion designs, Keishel Williams, keep her tresses growing healthily?


She keeps her hair braided all the time except sometimes in the summertime when she sports an afro. She doesn't pay attention to her hair and keeps her hands out of it to let her hair do what it needs to do. 

Williams uses products from Jamaican Mango & lime, washing and conditioning her hair every two weeks. 

She is currently working on new designs for the upcoming February 2016 New York Fashion Week, so stay tuned for more from Jleshiek. 

Protective Styles

In an attempt to follow her practice of keeping hair in protective styles and keeping hands out of the hair, I decided to try one. And here is what I came up with: 

Three rows of falling twists in the back, four corn twists in the middle that interlock with each other and one in the front that connects to the middle twists moistened by natural shea butter and a combination of oils including coconut oil, almond oil, castor oil and lemongrass oil, 
I'll be trying these more often, seeing how well it helps keep Ms. Williams' hair growing long and beautifully. Hopefully I will see great results as well! 

Disclaimer: I Heart My Hair is a natural hair blog geared at talking about natural hair and displaying the beauty of it as well as sharing advice and tips that can be useful for other people who have similar hair types. I will not be compensated in any way for sharing the ideas, products or any of the services that are discussed in this blog. Unless otherwise stated, this blog is for the sole purpose of sharing information, only! 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Messy Hair/ Don't Want to Bother Days: The Scarf Look

I was never a scarf person because I never really knew how to tie them but sometimes the day calls for it. Like today!

I was not interested in fancying up my hair and so for half the day, my two messy corn twists were tucked away under a hat and then I changed gear and decided, it's time for a scarf. 

I see so many woman wear scarves and tie them up beautifully. Me; I'm lucky if I could get this piece of cotton cloth to lie flat on my head. I tried at first and my corn twists were buldging out and decided to tie it in the front instead. Cute new look for me for those messy hair/ don't want to bother days! 

I don't know why so many people this evening said I had the Billie Holiday look. I know she wore gardenias in her hair but never knew about the scarves. Never thought it to be a jazzy look, but perfect for the singing mood I was in. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Naturalistas at the Atlantic Antic Fair Share Their Natural Hair Secrets

by Stephanie Jeannot

Brooklyn had its last big hurrah this past Sunday, September 27, 2015 which took over Atlantic Avenue from 4th Avenue and Flatbush to the BQE.  The 41st annual Atlantic Antic spanned across Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill. Atlantic Avenue was filled with people from all walks of life. Music blared through the streets from live musicians and singers showcasing their talents before the masses.  People, shopping, food, therapeutic music, fun and little stress to worry about; what a way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
            So many passing through and stopping at the many different vendors selling products that might be the next best purchase for that one individual willing to stop. And of the many out there enjoying the beautiful weather and spectacles that graced the autumn, September afternoon, were naturalistas.

Yes! Team Natural definitely represented in a large number. Did you know that Atlantic Avenue is bustling with hair salons that treat, style, and tend to naturalistas?  And what a wonderful thing for so many team no lye individuals, to have been willing to talk to me about their hair practices, offer advice for growing and maintaining hair! Some were even happy to showcase their hair in pictures for the purpose of this blogpost.

Natural Hair Beauty

Natural Hair Stylists

      Natural Hair Expert

           Natural Freedom

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Disclaimer: I Heart My Hair is a natural hair blog geared at talking about natural hair and displaying the beauty of it as well as sharing advice and tips that can be useful for other people who have similar hair types. I will not be compensated in any way for sharing the ideas, products or any of the services that are discussed in this blog. Unless otherwise stated, this blog is for the sole purpose of sharing information, only! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Naturalistas on Spotlight: Sistahs in Writing

It was a chilly and gloomy start to what turned out to be a hot, smokin’ day.

Just when you think the world of books is being taken over by computer technology, the Brooklyn Book Festival takes place where you find the largest free book festival in New York City featuring thousands of authors, publishers, books, readings and more.

Downtown Brooklyn swarmed with book lovers interested in finding the next greatest read. And so from 10AM to 6PM on Sunday, September 20, 2015, all genres of writers took over Borough Hall and shared in the excitement of their admiration for reading, writing and searching for writing opportunities.

Amongst the many writers were successful authors of color; brothers and sisters with voices and might I mention, beautiful grades of natural hair that seemed to resonate with me, and who were more than happy to not only shed light on their book, but also share their secrets of maintaining healthy natural hair.

Sistahs in Writing


Nandi is the author of the True Nanny Diaries, a book about the true experiences of being a nanny. 

She was born in England, spent most of her childhood in Trinidad and then came to the United States of America to gain her college education at Medgar Evers where she studied English as a major and gained her Bachelor's degree.

She likes to keep her hair short and natural using shea butter and coconut oil
for moisturizing, as well as other products that her daughter uses, who is also a naturalista.

She washes her hair once a week and loves the short look because it fits her face and her time schedule which she juggles between being a successful author, business woman and good mother of a 16 year old daughter who is part of the .06% of black students studying at Bronx School of Science.
Healthy and natural hair seems to help keep her life under control and her face with a beautiful smile on it. What a great reason for a person to have to make them heart their hair!

Sylvia Laurence

Sylvia Laurence, the author of Surviving This Thing Called Life wore locks for 30 years until she cut her hair when she was 50 years old and has been wearing her natural curls ever since.

Now at 65, she rarely combs out her hair and instead uses a pick to keep the curls defined and to avoid breakage.

She twists her hair at night or when wet.
Not only does she wear the hats as writer and author of a novel that shows her expertise in the art of life, love, marriage and divorce, but she also holds a PHD in organizational leadership.

When you hear the phrase Natural girls rock, Laurence proves to the world that it is not an understatement.

Selma Jackson

There is no better way to share your life story and to talk about your experiences with your children, grandchildren and the world, then to put it in writing and into a book.

That is exactly what Selma Jackson did when she wrote the book, Granny’s Helper; a book that children of all ages will be

able to enjoy.

And it is no question that a person with the respectability of being a grandmother with wit and stories to tell, will definitely be someone to turn to with questions about hair and keeping it healthy. 

Jackson permed her hair for a short period of time, only for her hair to fall out and become extremely damaged.

She stopped perming her hair in 1985 and ever since, has worn locks.  Today, her locks flow long, strong and healthy.

She uses oils in hair hair and doesn’t re-twist often which can result in breakage from the roots.

She also does not dye her hair, letting the world see that the righteousness God describes gray hair as being, is not a mistake.

We always seem to naturally remember and hardly ever forget what Mama used to say.

Tika Burnadette

When I think of the words baby and love, it seems like these words actually go hand and hand like bread and butter or hair and nails.
Tika Burnadette used these coinciding words as the title of her children’s book, Baby Love.

Burnadette is rocking that hat and letting her natural ends breathe beautifully. 

She started perming her hair in her early twenties but unfortunately found it to be not so pleasing as she would have thought.

She hated the smell of the chemicals and also how it made her hair break.

After the short six months of permed, straight hair and doobies, she went back to natural and has been a part of team no lye ever since.

She keeps her hair healthy by washing it twice a week and using pure vitamin E oil (petroleum free).

She does egg washes which involves breaking an egg in her hair, letting it linger for a few minutes and then washing out the protein which results in stronger strands and less breakage.

She also uses mineral oils which strengthens her ends and stops hair from breaking.

When you think of baby and love, you can consider her learning what makes her hair beautiful a part of loving the process of being happy to be nappy and most definitely, a fashionista.

Disclaimer: I am not a vendor, publisher or someone who will be financially compensated for speaking about these women and talking about their hair or their products. This blog has been created to display the beauty of black natural hair and to help others as well as myself in maintaining and growing their own natural locks of healthy hair

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bantu Knots & twists.

From Daily to biweekly or even weekly washes with protective styles on many of the weeks now. It's interesting how you can learn your own hair and grow with it.

I realize the change because I finally realized I don't have to do daily washes so I could let the conditioner settle in because I did cowashes everyday for about almost two years since I cut it in June of 2013. And it was so soft today for the first time. The moisture has finally gotten to it. Thank you for the lesser dryness, especially for my performance with my friend JS Williams, the trumpeter featured in the photo above with me, Stephanie Jeannot and Ed Manner's band the AtM Band, today at Six Flags Great Adventure for COBANY Family Day. 

We rocked the stage until it was time to share the stage with such a wonderful group of Sharers of the Gosoel, by whom, we were being blessed by; Hezekiah Walker and his Choir.  

Now I'm okay with wearing Bantu knots. Who would have thought I wouldn't be so opposed to wearing them as fashion. They are cute. The resulting factor, even better.  All of a sudden, protective styles have become a part of who I am, naturally because of how it changes my hair's health! 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Idea of Change, Changes People

If I did learn anything this week is that the idea of change, changes people. Hair for instance. I couldn't change back to my doobie when I cut all my hair off two years ago. 

The simple separation of a liking of something can also separate you from your joy. It's either you take one way and not the other. But the change that then comes by circumstance could actually have been the joy that was missing. 

I know that I will be okay in life because God has given me a window. I hope that God's faith shall be my armor in whatever destiny may bring.