Thursday, September 11, 2014

Oh Honey! (All up in my Hair)

There is a first time for everything and if you never try new things, you will never try anything new. 

Natural Hair Journey

My natural hair journey has definitely got me trying new things. I got my first perm at 13 years old and prior to that, my mother was combing my hair, so I never really started learning my own hair without a perm in it until now. 

Oh Honey!

I am always exploring different natural hair blogs and follow a few natural hair boards on Pinterest to get ideas about treating my own hair. That's how I came across a treatment using honey and since I heard so much about honey treatments, I decided that I wanted to try one on my own. My goal was having softer and more manageable hair.

I took a tablespoon of honey and added olive oil to it. So many boards talked about adding oil to conditioners for softness of hair. I combined the two ingredients and microwaved it so I could make it a hot oil-honey treatment and applied it to my hair and left it in for about an hour under a clear shower cap. 

After I rinsed it out, I was happy because my hair was soft and really manageable. That is until . . . 

My hair started bunching up in different areas. I kept getting all these knots that can only be removed with hair falling out. And this happened for the rest of the afternoon, until I got back in the shower and did a new cowash and finally, my hair was in good condition.

Trying New Things

Nothing wrong with trying new things because you never know if it will be great or not so great for your hair unless you try it. My advice, make sure you wash treatments out very well or you might face the possibility of losing hair. 

I am however excited. Besides the honey thing, I realize how much moisture my hair needs and after two years of not perming, finally; soft!!! 

Natural hair is all about discovering and learning about the beauty of your own hair. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Beautiful Straightened Mess

It's been three months since I used shampoo. 

For every shampoo, I head to the salon and let them wash, deep treat and then blow dry. Usually comes out beautiful and silky, as it did today. 

That is until sweat from the heat and humidity started messing with my great hair day. And then came the rain. 

Can anybody say proof ball? 

Disappointed because I sat in my hairstylists shop for two hours letting her tend to my hair and straighten it only for life to happen and poof it out. 

It would have been great to have been at home in the comfort of my own home when this happened; but no! I was on stage singing with the amazing Bartlett Contemporaries and singing before an amazing crowd. The hair that once fell neatly to the right now was half sticking up and bunched up curly. Ay yay yay!!!

Embarrassing I guess! I think that's a sign to change my hair straightening pattern to even less frequent than I do now. Upset because of all the time and money spent to get my hair so pretty, but only for the few hours it was.  Funny how short it looks when shrinked up and curly. But it really is short. Had to figure out something to do to get it to not look so crazy as it started to. Frustration I say.

So I let my frustration out with a little bit of scatting over a cover of "You Send Me" at the open mic at Essence Bar hosted by LaRose and Black Pearl. Music always seems like a great cure for anything. 

Do's and Dont's 

Don't get your natural hair straightened when the weather is shaky. 

Do always have a song in your heart to uplift your own frown.

Don't forget to carry a brush and comb and hair accessory with you after straightening. Normally I don't comb my hair unless it is wet, but when straight, you might have to push it back. 

Do take pictures of it when first done because life cannot predict what your hair will look like in the next two hours.

Don't hate your own hair so much that you decide not to take care of it. 

Do love your hair and learn what products your hair loves and/or doesn't and find out how to maintain and nurture your own beauty. 


Now after my hair has been blow dried and fried to capacity and my hair smells like heat and I have a poofball;  still not so mad. I can actually learn from this moment. Care to see the end result? 

You can see it by checking out a short clip of my attempt at scatting over the blues on my Instagram