Thursday, October 16, 2014

Take a Twist-Out for a Spin

I am now two years natural. 

I stopped perming a few months after working out when I noticed the lye wasn't keeping my hair straight for even a span of one month. So perming definitely was no longer for me. Nine months later , I did the big chop. 

Cutting my remaining permed ends, left me with little hair to deal with and less to worry about when it came to burning fat through exercise. That was then when my hair was short. But now, my hair is a little longer. 

I'm still not rushing for combs and literally just got out of the every day condition wash and go syndrome and have lately been trying to stretch out washes to maybe once or twice a week. 

Moisture is everything. The less moisturized, the more breakage. The less washing, the less knot balls breaking my hair off. And the more trying things out, the more knowledge I gain about my hair. 
Like for instance, I realized last week that sheen is also great for natural styles; twists, twistouts, wash and gos. I learned this at the Circle of Sisters Expo where Barry Fletcher had a display and hair demos. 

The products are pretty good. I felt obligated to get the daily hair moisturizer as well as some of his other items for home use. I learned that day that moisturizers are not just to be put on the hair but to be massaged in, strand by strand. This procedure however, should be done only after applying conditioning spray. (That is, if your hair likes it. Your hair will tell you if it does not like a product.)

So, I tried doing some of the things I learned that day for myself. I attempted to do a twist-out and am very pleased. For each parted section, I put grapeseed oil on the scalp and for each section of hair, I dampened it with conditioning spray and then did my  twists.  I did about 10 twists on the total head. 

In the morning, I untwisted and put sheen over my hair. My hair came it nicely moistened, and lasted my bust a groove spinning class today.

How awesome is that! A new style that can withstand workouts. Come to think of it, natural sweat is oil as well. Natural hair rocks. 

Disclaimer: I am not employed by nor will I be compensated for any of the products, services or events mentioned in this post. I am however on a natural hair journey and am a consumer who would like to share information that may benefit other team no lye members. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where in the world is "Brillo?"

I'll never forget my mama parting my hair in two sections to do cornrows. She would gently comb out all the knots and kinks and neatly style it, making it look beautiful; well to me anyway. 

See, when I was younger and getting caught up into the meanness of my peers, I would believe them when they were making fun of my hair and teasing me, calling me "Brillo." But that was then when I found reasons to hate the hair I had and desired to be someone other than the naturally beautiful person God blessed me to be. 

Now, I heart my hair and there is nothing that can change my mind. To all those who recently told me 

- "you need to get a perm!"

- "I like your hair better straight!"

- "why did you go back to natural?"

Thank God that I grew confident enough to love who I am. Thank God I'm natural!

 I'm now two years back into the natural journey and here we are again doing those same styles my mom used to do in my hair. 

I would call these corn rows; or corn twists. Easy to do. I applied grapeseed oil for moisture and massaged it into my hair and a little protein gel to my edges, brushed as opposed to combing and voila. Moisturized and neatly coiffed in a protective style.

I'm loving the learning of my own hair. What a journey! 

Great day everyone.  :)