Saturday, August 16, 2014

It’s Only Natural . . . (A Poem)

It’s Only Natural . . . (A Poem)

By Stephanie Jeannot


Its’ only natural that
I twirl and curl and twist and clap
And to and fro on the melodic zone
I feel music from head to toe
It’s only natural that
I fall right into the musical stacks
And the products that condition my ears to listen
Seem like energy which is more than just a blessing
It’s only natural that
My curves, they flex to where the beat is at
And I get locked into the groove that’s silky smooth
And I always feel the urge to bust a move
It’s only natural that
I release myself onto an empty track
And double-dutch my voice around it like I would pitty-pat
And the song gets stronger because I flax over that
It’s only natural that
I appreciate these blessings of God
 And to be thankful for the legacies of those who came before I 

For every singer, rapper, music, genre. I love you all for you inspire!
It’s only natural
To realize that I’m trapped in love
Within parameters of these musical walls
And the only key to out the box is when the music calls

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