Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Natural Beauty

Poettues is always a good day to write a poem. And the mere fact that it is National Poetry Month in that awesome spring month of April that God created, inspires me to write about a topic that I enjoy talking about; hair talk.


Natural Beauty

© By Stephanie Jeannot


Natural beauty with your

Afrolicious waves.

Wash, go and moisturize well

except for on them don’t care days.

We heart our hair

that is sometimes left bare

without even a comb and brush treat

that still beats scalp burns from perm heat.


Shiny twirls

and conditioned curls

all around the world

are flowering hair of natural girls

with afro puffs

wearing leave-in stuff;

and locks and braids

and untamed manes

and perm-free

from shaving it off

to cut  out the creamy crack

out our strands of course.


From wet hair showers

to co-washing hours

to no-heat blows;

just towel dry and go

with the wind;

adding a spin

to the madness:

hats, flowers and accessories of attractiveness;

only to enhance the beauty

of what some call nappy;

What they don’t see

is the reason for this natural frenzy.

healthy strands and natural beauty!

We’re just happy to be

hearting the magic;

and like so many, back to the basic.

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