Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Bottle of Conditioner a Week. This week. . . NUDE

I am constantly in the store looking for a new conditioner about every 10 days because I go through about a bottle of conditioner per week. 

Seems like a lot right? That's because as opposed to shampooing daily, I cowash daily meaning I use a conditioner everyday. Shampoo, I use about once every month and a half. Ironically, when I made my way to my salon the last time, even after a day of just cowashing without shampoo, my hairdresser told me that my hair was so clean. Hmmm?

Every night I cover my hair with a satin sleeping cap. My morning routine goes like this: 

-remove sleeping cap
-get in shower
-dampen hair

-massage in conditioner
- leave in for duration of shower
-comb once every two weeks while conditioner is in (or when doing protective styles)
-rinse out 
-towel dry
-moisturize well and massage; especially edges
-ready to go

With this process in mind, I guess you can say my conditioner usage is more like trials. One a week. Sometimes the same conditioner, sometimes something different. Like this week!

Last Tuesday, March 25, 2014, I made my way down to Center Stage Cut, a cool natural hair spot that also has a stage for live events like the People's Open Mic that was hosted by my boy, Sean Battle.

Always seeking new products, I noticed their hair line called Nude. And so, I took a chance on it. The conditioner that is.  

Nowadays, I look for conditioners that are sulfate free because I dyed my hair copper and do not want my hair color to fade or for my hair to be dry. Moisture means everything to natural hair. 

Nude is sulfate free which is perfect. It is made with Shea butter, silk protein and Argan oil. The conditioner is creamy and white. 

It has a faint smell of lemongrass. Washes out pretty clean without leaving any residue behind. Leaves hair soft and manageable. 

Here are some pics of my experience using this product. 

A less than 30 minute process which gets me to work with enough time to sit back and truly enjoy my coffee without having to rush to start my 9 to 5. 

I've used Nude a week now and my bottle is done. Would definitely try it again. Because my conditioners are all trial uses since I go through a bottle a week, I try a lot of different products and that's how I find what works.

If you'd like me to try one of your products, I will for feedback based on my experience in a blogpost. Why? Because I heart my hair. 

Seeking ideas, experiences with products and hair advice so please leave feedback. 

Thank you for reading my blogpost. 

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