Saturday, March 29, 2014

I Am Changing

It started on a wing and a prayer about my weakness for food that got me to 230lbs seeking a breakthrough. Grace changed my life to enter a new body. Literally; this is me 80lbs later. 

It isn't easy to give up rice, meat, pasta and bread at the same time. I mean, think about it; everybody else around you eats those things. So you have to stand strong without caving in. I mean. I'm haitian and rice is part of our everyday. I loved it most with saus pwa as my parents used to call it before I gave up the carbs. So without the rice or meat, I just had the saus pwa and the veggies and I was in heaven even without the meat as well because I loved my bean protein. 

Went through about  three or four wardrobe changes; by that I mean, going from a size 20 dress to a size 4 or 6, comes with lots of sizes. And fast; just within months. Maybe it was the nutritionist that told me that sticking to a 1200 calorie diet would help me to lose my weight. And I had just started a fitness challenge with friends as well; a month long challenge of treadmills, Zumba and walking; including one walking challenge that had me thinking I had it in me to walk a 10.5 mile or three and a half hour walk from manhattan to home. I lost most my weight through walking because I was also trying to overcome my car accident and instead have one on ones with God while walking and shedding inches. If God is love, then I started loving cardio fitness. 

That's where my no more perm days began. If I put in a perm that gets sweated out after a month and a half because I work out, it makes no sense. So I went perm free since then; 18 months ago!

But, I cut the perm totally out of my hair almost 10 months ago. 

Actually that was the same day I was blessed with an opportunity I'll never forget. Would you believe my year; June 1, 2013, that was the day after I lost my aunt. 

We were close and I loved her. The day following, I had an opportunity to sing with the Medgar Evers Jazz Ensemble. My mentor, professor Roman Mitchell, allowed me to sing at the graduation ceremony for the 2013 graduating class of Medgar Evers at Jacob Javits Convention Center before 5,000 people; the graduates and their family and friends. The song selection, a classic made popular by the fabulous' Jennifer Holliday, I Am Changing. That hair change came about an hour after singing that song when I cut my hair; the same day. Long hair to short; permed to no perm. Just like that! But. . . I Heart My Hair. 

-cowash daily
-don't comb everyday
-brush often
-do protective styles sometimes
-moisturize everyday; especially the edges
-very little heat product usage
-cut split ends as needed

I colored my hair once though; had tried blond in the past but wanted to try copper this time for something different. And here we are just discovering through trial and error new hair practices from experience and from other natural beauty inspirations. 

Who would have thought almost exactly 8 months later, I would be sharing the stage with the very same woman who helped me change back to natural and find myself;  JENNIFER HOLLIDAY. 

What a blessing!!! Singing with the Dreamgirl herself while with a dream of my own; to sing wherever God graces my life with. 

Change to who I am. Discovery was right. To know what love is, is to know who God is. I do!

I'm working to complete my album. My name is Jeannot, and I'm a singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist from Brooklyn, NY and my mission is to sing across the globe and give God's people a reason to believe in themselves because with God, anything is possible. 

Please watch my performance of I Am Changing here on YouTube:

I am definitely changing. And look my hair is really growing. So happy!

 Yes I am! God is amazing.